This year’s trek to Toronto was 4 days of fun which involved lots of food eating. And lots of comics. And then more eating…

Apparently coming for more days does not make for a more leisurely trip… it means more stuff gets packed in 😛

For example, this frozen yogurt “bar” where you can pick whatever flavours you want and combine them into your huge bowl!





There was also much assembling of mini-comics over wine:


And partying with various fellow geeks!



TCAF itself was lots of fun. Saturday was pretty intense. Waves of people came. Mostly for one particular person at our table. But we each had our little moments of awesome.


Plus, this giant pencil got us a lot of attention!


At the end of Saturday I only had 3 OTE books left. Yay!


And on Sunday I completely sold out of On The Edge books! Even my children’s book sold – only one left by the end of the day!


A big BIG thank you to everyone that came by! From the guy that spent his last American 5 dollar bill on me (whoa!) to the silent dude who made a beeline straight for my book and bought it with nothing but a shy smile (that’s right I remember you, cause I was like that once.) It’s little moments like that that make the day totally worth it.

And – did I mention sushi? No? Well here’s a random picture of sushi: