On The Edge is many things; An Alice in Wonderland inspired tale where Alice has grown up in a Wonderland populated by Cats, Demons, and Elves, among other strange creatures. And it is also about our inner Demons, personified through Mr. Negative and The Demon Society, who feed off of our emotions, without us even knowing it! It explores psychology, mental health, phobias, love, and depression, with a bit of law enforcement mixed in. It’s non-sensical and fun, and I hope you enjoy it!

On The Edge TV Tropes Page

The Origins:

Mr. Negative
On The Edge originally came to me as a way to deal with my own anxiety and depression. Long ago a therapist gave me a book about dealing with anxiety. In it, the concept of anxiety or self-talk was personified as “Mr. Negative”. This idea helped me push through my anxiety and, being an artist, the natural next step was for me to draw what I thought he looked like. This image was the first drawing I did of Mr. Negative, inside a journal that no longer exists. I decided that if anxiety could be characterized, so could other conditions or phobias. Thus began The Demon Society, where every negative emotion is represented by a respective Demon.

Where to Start Reading:

Well, you could always start right from the beginning, but if that’s too crazy for you, here are a few other ideas:
#171 – The short lived color frenzy.
#226 – Jim becomes a detective, and shit hits the fan.
#291 – Skip the mush and start the funny.
#349 – Negs meets girl.


Main Characters

Alice Little

AliceAlice ended up in Wonderland by accident as a little girl. Now she’s grown up and working for law enforcement. Her roommate is Mr. Negative, a Demon who works as a therapist.








NegsDon’t let his title as a therapist fool you, Mr. Negative was once a powerful member of The Demon Council and a specialist in causing depression. He was kicked out, and now lives the mundane existence of an average citizen with no powers or wings. He is Alice’s roommate, and the cause of much stress in her life.





Jim Kenilworth

JimJim is Alice’s partner at work and the object of her affections. He’s pretty much your typical nice guy (with cat ears), although his niceness is cleverly disguised by the fact that he’s very social and popular with women.







Secondary Characters

Casey, the Ultimate Prankster

CaseyCasey is Negs’ cousin and still part of the Demon Council, much to Negs’ humiliation. Casey is a Demon of bad luck, and he loves his job. He is a rare Demon in that he has striped horns, wears shoes, and doesn’t use a last name.






Fenwick Barton

FenFenwick is a therapist colleague of Negs’. Formerly seen as competition by Negs they now share an office space. Fenwick is much more comfortable helping out those dealing with matters of the heart than Negs is.






Albert Illhumor

BertAlbert was once a Demon of Anxiety and specialized in making computer viruses. Not enjoying that life, he quit the Demon Council and is now in charge of the Internet Crimes Division with the Police. He is also married to his wonderful wife, Percephone.







KatyKaty is Jim’s niece and a 6 year old ball of energy. While her parents go through their on again-off again divorce/custody battles, Katy is counseled by Negs.







ErinErin looks like a baby, but he’s not. He is extremely old and smokes incessantly. He is the Demon in charge of love – probably one of the most dangerous Demons of all! Although he is a part of the Demon Council he is actually half demon-half elf, but he is no less respected.






Mike Kayos

MikeMike is a Staff Sergeant with the Police, and one of Jim’s best friends. Not much is known about Mr. Kayos. Word has it that he is thousands of years old and once belonged to the Demon Elders; the heads of the Council. He is mysterious and intimidating, but very down to earth and kind.






Mr. Paranoia

ParanoiaParanoia is a Council Demon in charge of self-esteem. He is very good at it because he has none himself. He can usually be found latching onto some poor soul, following them around so that they can be sad together, until the person realizes he’s there. Then he’s left to wander until he finds someone else, which usually isn’t too long.





About the Creator:

Leisl Adams was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. She grew up watching a lot of television, and tried to draw everything she saw on it. She spent high school drawing comics to share with friends and later, attended Sheridan College, graduating from the Classical Animation program in 2002. Since then she has worked as an illustrator, animator and storyboard artist for various television shows, books and games. For a short time, she wanted to be a police officer, but alas, it was not meant to be. To see more of her work, check out www.leisladams.com