Hey kids, do you like the comics?
How ’bout holding an actual book of stories you’ve chosen in your own hands?
Well, I’m happy to announce the launch of a new site I’ve taken a small part in called Bento Comics, a place where you can create and order your own comic anthology books, with a growing archive of stories from some awesome creators! To read more about how Bento “rolls” (get it?? Cause it’s like sushi???) check out some of these writeups from Robot 6, Queeniechan.com, or Bento’s fabulous “About” page!

There will be some new On The Edge content over there, as well as other stuff from me, so be sure to check it out, sign up, and hang out in the forum (where I get to be a moderator-yayz)! Hope to see you there! 😀

To kick off the occasion, Negs took some pics of himself with a book we ordered, and great time was had by all!

More pics can be seen on the Bento Forum!