Hi, hmm don’t know if anyone is here but I will post this update anyway for those who wander by. :)

If anyone is wondering what I’ve been doing over the past forever, I developed a short story, which I turned into a book called Lover’s Leap. It’s available in print from Amazon and Lulu.com. Also wrote an upcoming article on the making of this tale for TNQ magazine. This was a year long project that I wanted to develop as if it was a film, so tons of work and research went into it, and I’m really proud of the result. If you’d like to see more about it, the whole project can be found on my homepage Leisladams.com.

I also became a bit of a game developer, along with my husband. We wanted something we could work on together which resulted in Skullcapgames.com, a mobile game development company. We’ve done two title so far, both available on Google Play and iTunes. They’re both free, so download them and let us know what you think in the reviews! ^_^

Besides that I’ve been doing tons of storyboard work, and got to work on a movie called Pirate’s Passage.

As far as On The Edge is concerned, it’s not dead (everyone is still alive and well in my mind), but it is in incubation stage, and will probably return someday in some form. I feel like this has been part of its development, which will result in something more… not sure what that is yet. To be continued.

I hope to be able to connect with some of you elsewhere on social media, so feel free to add me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Google+ It’d be great to keep in touch! And don’t forget to say hi so I can follow you back! 😀