A new On The Edge short called “Stroke With Fur” is now up over at Bento Comics. I wrote a blog post about it over there, but just in case you don’t see it, here’s a re-post about what inspired it:

“Inspired by a moment when my friend Svetlana was at my place and she tried to touch my cat’s tail and he ran away on her. Svetlana asked, “I wonder if he likes it when I touch his tail” and I said, “of course not!” Then of course I wondered why. I’m sure to all cats it’s an obvious answer!”

Go check it out!

Also over on Facebook, you can check out some of my favorite questions from Mr. Negative’s Formspring.me page. I’ve left the original page up for now as a record, so you can peruse either one.

There is also a new Wonderland page up this week. Now, some people have expressed concern over my lack of updates over there, so I thought I’d take the time to let everyone know that I’ve been up to my ears in real-life freelance work. Seriously, I have like, 3 jobs right now. So paying work comes first. Then, the free time I have left goes to keeping On The Edge updated 3 times a week. And then after that, food and sleep. Then boyfriend (he may be last on the list, but not in my heart. Aww!). 😛

My ultimate goal is to finish it by the end of this year though, so once my schedule is cleared up again I’ll be back at it. Promise!

P.S.: Unless you’d rather I updated Wonderland and stopped updating the strip for a while, really I’m fine either way… 😉