So Saturday was the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair, and it was kinda cool for me because it was the first time I had done any sort of thing like this without sharing a table with a more famous friend. So, I’m kinda proud of myself for doing it!
My handsome assistant and I manned half a table for only five hours, but it sure was an exhausting five hours! I met lots of really nice people, never talked so much in my life, and was surprised and happy to meet a few other webcomics people there. I even met someone who had heard of me and read On The Edge, and I was all like, “whaaaaaat!?”. So a good time was had by all. I even sold a few books 😀 Hmm, I wonder where I’ll be going next? Hopefully TCAF next year! 😀

In other news, if you’ve looked at the store page, it’s had a bit of a facelift!

Don’t forget, I’m now accepting guest comics! Don’t be afraid to send something in and I’ll be happy to link to your comic/website/blog or whatever!