So I spent the weekend in Toronto at TCAF! Meeting lots of people, giving away business cards without shame and camping out with friends on a living room floor. 😀 Seriously, it was way more fun than I thought I’d have, and I expected to come away feeling inferior and depressed, but I came away just the opposite, feeling exhilarated, and inspired and I definitely want to be a part of it next year. I didn’t take a ton of pics, cause it was a constant whirlwind of stuff, but here are a few… there are a few more on the Facebook page, so check them out!

I did a short story for a little anthology called “Pony Rock” along with TK, Svetlana, Ananth, and Yuko. We were putting the books together by hand the night (and day) before the show (as illustrated below)! It wasn’t glamorous, but it was a fun artsy collaboration, and was received pretty well!

Me stamping covers 😀

The Webcomics Pavilion on a lazy Sunday (Saturday was insane!)

It’s geeky to say, but my highlight of the trip just may have been the Sherlock Holmes room at the Toronto Reference Library! I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes geek (or “scholar” as I was corrected), and they had a special display of Sherlock Holmes related comics! It was like being in Disney World for me, lol. Or Baker Street. I think I caught the librarian by surprise at my level of enthusiasm 😛

Next stop: the Ottawa Book Festival!