Somewhere in the swamp waters of freelance I was able to do a quick sketch of Naria and Negs, just for FUN, which is now an incentive on Comichovel. Click the “vote” button on the side to check it out!

This weekend I went zip-lining with my crazy but wonderful (future) in-laws. It was an intense experience for sure, which made me feel at the end like I could do anything! That said, I’ll probably be attending the Ottawa’s Small Press Book Fair, June 26th 2010. Starting small, and they’re so small they don’t even have a website! The idea of attending these things alone wracks my nerves, but whenever I read about other people going to cons/festivals, something in me wants to. And hey, now I can do anything right? Right? We shall see!

Also note, I won’t have a table at TCAF, but I’ll be there, shopping and wandering, and I’ll have a little something available in the form of a short comic anthology at TK’s table. About ponys! So if you’re in Toronto May 8-9th, go!

Back to work!