Hey! Gee I wonder if there are people still here…

Just letting you know I’m not dead, and OTE isn’t dead. Just really busy working on this here graphic novel, which will be done at the end of January. I’m just about halfway done now! Man, it’s a lot of work!

In the meantime I’m still writing stuff and deciding what to do about a few things I’m not satisfied with… there may be a change in format, (away from 4 panel strips) but we’ll see…

In the meantime, check out some pics I took at NYCC this year! It was my first time going to a con that big, and it was pretty insane! I even came back with a head cold (I guess I’m not used to so many germs :P), and you should know I valiantly fought the big, fat fanboys for some old He-Man figures!
I also got to meet a few awesome artists, as well as saying hi to some I already knew! I even got to visit the Yen Press offices and drooled over piles and piles of manga (apologies to the Yen Press people for the drool marks), unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures there (security was waaay tight yo) >_>
New York is a pretty awesome place… pretty dirty… but awesome! I hope I can do this again next year!

Oh yeah, and I got myself an awesome kitty hat from Pawstar! XD