Justin Leach’s Majestic-XII: Top-Secret/For Majic Eyes Only
Created by Justin Leach and Andrew Kilian, Written by Justin Leach, Penciled and Inked by Andrew Kilian, and colored by Omi Remalante Jr.
24 Pages, bi-monthly, on-going series, $3.50, full color, produced by Odyssey Comics.
(Note: A copy was provided by the publisher for review)

There is an invisible war going on without our knowledge. A battle being waged between our government and an alien empire bent on enslaving our entire species. It is a fight that we are losing and our only hope is a super-human military force known as The Majestic-XII.

Okay, so I’ve been asked to do a comic review for the first time ever! First of all I must say I’m not much for superhero comics: there are usually too many people in ridiculously tight, colorful outfits, and cheesy punchlines and catchphrases and this comic is no exception.

Much of the first issue is spent introducing the myriad of superheroes on the team. There are a lot of characters that get introduced right away, and Leach has made sure to cover many nationalities, which is cool, though some of the introductions I found a little to obvious when it didn’t need to be. The art is just okay for me. There’s tons of anatomy going on, so little things like, hands being too small compared to the body stood out for me. As a woman I found myself immediately wondering why every woman in the story has to have humongous breasts (although some might say it’s fair since all the male characters are pretty “well built” also) but like I said, I’m not much for the big, muscly superhero style. Having said that, the color is done very well, and I can see the art improving over time. The guest art in the back is a nice touch as well.

Overall it’s a pretty good, quick introduction to a new batch of characters, with plenty of hinted at back story that I’m sure will be revealed in issues to come. If you’re a person who likes superhero comics, and think there is room for more than what’s already out there, you might want to give this story a try. The comic is available November 15th at http://www.indyplanet.com.