This Sunday will be the Word On The Street festval Here in Halifax! I’ll be on the webcomics panel at 4pm, with a bunch of other online comics people such as Faith Erin Hicks, Tim Larade, Mike White, and Andrew Power. I’ll also have a little sample booklet of comics to give away, with 15 pages of the On The Edge Wonderland story, and a few sketches. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to put together a real book due to the fact that I’ve been working hard on my very first publishing gig – as a contributing illustrator on a new book series for teens called Dork Diaries! It sure was a lot of work, but possibly the most fun I’ve had as an artist so far.

My comic strip series The Irregulars has also been running for the past few Sundays in the Chronicle Herald Newspaper, and there are 3 more to come. If you haven’t seen it you can find them online on my Comicspace page!