I think I just got through the 2 busiest weeks I’ve ever had in recent memory and I don’t know how I’m still alive!

I recently went back to freelancing and took 2 jobs, which I thought I could juggle, on top of comics and a craft festival I signed up for waaay back in January. OMG was I wrong! Everything sort of collided at the same time, due dates and all, and I almost imploded and was surviving mostly on coffee for about a week. But a little voice inside me said to simplify, and so I did. I think things will work out.

New rule, never take on projects that I don’t really want to do.

On the opposite note, there’s no time like TCAF to have another book! Realizing that the remaining “strip” comics had no place to live, I decided to compile them into book 2, so now all of the strips can be owned in book form. Also within, are some sketches and bonus comic “Stroke With Fur”. Here’s the cover:


TCAF is gonna be a blast! Hope to see people there! And hope to be drinking. Lots.