A quote from Scott Kurtz’s blog connected with me today, so I thought I’d share. I guess we all feel this way, but somehow I’m always taken by surprise when I hear others say it. The article is regarding Tokyopop’s new contract (which, ironically, I was considering submitting something for).

“Every aspiring cartoonist/writer/artist has experienced that almost crazed feeling of desperation when it seems like the entire world is passing them by. It’s a maddening rock in your stomach that constantly just eats at you. You pour so much of yourself into your work and you so desperately hope and dream that all the toiling is going to one day pay off. Sometimes you can channel it into pushing yourself, but a lot of time it’s nothing but counterproductive. There’s a reason that so many of us seem damaged in some way. So long as aspiring young creators find themselves in those moments of desperation, publishers will take advantage of them. Period. That is never going to change. No amount of blogging, ranting or light shining is going to stop publishers from offering shitty contracts to first-time creators. Going after Tokyopop is a pointless endeavor; a futile gnashing of teeth.”

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